Privacy Policy

Anything you tell your counselor will be kept strictly confidential except under the following conditions:

  • A release of information signed by you or your guardian designating what information may be released and to whom the information is released (need custodial parent or legal guardian to sign if 17 years old or under).
  • A court order signed by a judge.
  • When your counselor has sufficient evidence you may be of physical danger to yourself or others through your actions. Appropriate authorities and/or individuals will be promptly notified without a signed release of information.
  • When your counselor knows or has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect. The Department of Child and Family Services must be promptly notified as required by Montana State law.
  • When there is a medical emergency, appropriate services must be contacted to address emergent medical need.

Furthermore, I understand that I am expected to maintain confidentiality (privacy) of all clients whom I see or interact with at this office.

I understand that if I have any questions regarding my Confidentiality and Privacy rights I can contact Joe Keller at 406-250-8818, 5 Austin St., Kalispell, MT 59901.



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